Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shark Navigator attacks Dirt and everything else!

Merry Christmas to me indeed. I received the Shark Navigator and I couldn't wait to try it out. I felt I couldn't write this review right away because it wouldn't be a true experience of the product and I aim to give full transparency. I love to spread the word about new products if they are effective and not a waste of money, however you can only know that if you use it for a while. Does it hold up under pressure and nothing rivals the pressure of turning coal to diamonds than my kids. They are wonderful loving children and they are also destructive with a capital D. So in the interest of full disclosure I will say I got the Shark for Christmas 2010. I have owned it for one year.

First Impression:

The navigator is light, compact for the most part and very durable. The suction power is amazing, it slurped up my daughters sock much to her dismay, without missing a beat. I own a kirby too and they are bulky, expensive and VERY heavy. I am not The Rock how am I could I lug it up and down the stairs? No problem with the navigator. My daughter or son could easily vacuum the house safely. One less chore for mom huh? That in itself is a bonus.

Lasting Impression:
After owning it for one year I can say it holds true to its word. I haven't had any loss of suction and even with the terrors I call kids its still in one piece. When I watch the informercials I always think , "yeah right when am I ever going to do that"? I will never need to vacuum up nuts, bolts, paper clips, a whole box of cereal on the floor, legos, etc. Right? Well wrong and the unbelievable thing was it picked all of that up and more. Saved me hours on clean up in some cases and all for under the 200.00 I paid for it. When this one dies I will most certainly buy another it is a stellar product.

Pros: NO bags can't stress that enough, no extra cost. Price, its very reasonable. light weight, and the suction is very powerful.

Cons the only I see is that hubby didn't get me the removable canister..:P

Absolutely! This vacuum hasn't wavered even slightly in the last year, it has cut my cleaning time down and made my life much easier, especially now that the kids can vacuum up their own messes. Best of all I don't have to be Hercules to have a clean upstairs too.

Stay tuned I have more products being reviewed this week including.

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Remember don't buy it unless Gizmom has Tried it.

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