Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The No No

Before I go to the review let me say. I purchased this item myself, I was not paid for this review.

The claim is that you can use the No-No to replace expensive laser hair removal with this little device that eventually will render the product useless because the hair will quit growing altogether. They have a unique offer because if you try the product a FULL 60 days they will refund ALL your money including the shipping. The trick is you have to make ALL payments in that time. So I took the plunge and ordered the product.

How it works:
You run the NO NO device along the area that you want to lose hair. The hair has to be short (similar to waxing). It crystalizes the hair so when you buff it away it takes the hair at the root and it theory this sounds like an amazing idea.

My review is mixed. It seemed to work beautifully on my arms and legs. It took the hair off easily and despite the burning smell it was relatively painless. The issue I had with it was when I tried to use on the face, bikini (forget any other intimate areas) and like areas. It didn't seem to catch the hair right and just wouldn't get the whole root in those areas. So that was disappointing. With the price tag attached nearly 300.00 didn't seem worth it for the areas that didn't work as well.

Bonus was that upon returning the product ALL of my money including shipping was refunded promptly with no incident. So while this product did not fit my needs the customer service was top notch.

Pros: worked in some areas (legs and arms, belly, chest), true money back guarantee

Cons: did not work on more intimate areas

Bottom line This is one I would encourage each person to try for themselves if it works for YOU, because the company seems very trustworthy that they stick to their word and stand behind their product. As long as you can afford the trial, it is worth trying.

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