Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Magic Jack for Iphone

Most carriers allow you to call mobile to mobile at no additional charge, however if you call landlines your calls eat up your minutes. Enter magic jack. This nifty app that can be downloaded for free at the app store allows you to use wifi or your 3G connection to make FREE calls to ANY phone in the US. International rates are really low too. The neatest thing was for two weeks I did not have any carrier connected to my Iphone, however I was able to make phone calls through the hotspot of my husband's phone without any problems. If I was at Starbucks I could call once connected to their network. This makes calling truly unlimited if you have the data. Personally I think it works best on Sprint, because data is unlimited so i wasn't using my minutes to call anyone once I was signed up in a spanking new contract. It will allow me to stay well below my monthly minutes and still stay in touch with my customers.

How you do it:
Download the app on the app store on your IPHONE and either keep your number if you have magic jack or choose a new one at no charge. So simple it literally took me less than 5 minutes to sign up and my phone that had only wifi was making calls.

Have a great night and join me next time when I review I few new products. I will also take requests.

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