Monday, March 12, 2012

Does IT really Work

So I started something new on the path of acheiving myideal body. It is called the Ulimate body Applicator and it uses very potent botanicals to stimiulate the release of toxins and shrink fat cells. Thats right shrink fat cells and beyond that its a home party business. So I was curious and was determined to see if it really worked. I contacted a site on the web and very soon a young lady met me at my house to wrap me.

A little bit about Detox and why its important. If you have toxic fat (you most likely do if you have cellulite) it will NOT release the fat. Toxins caused by unnatural ingredients in our food, drinks, as well as those from smoking and heavy drinking. There are other factors not listed. When something enters the body the body doesn't know how to process it stores it in the fat and then will not release it. This is why some people work out and get discouraged seeing little to no results after a long time. When you detox and there are many ways, the body starts to release these toxins they move and leave the system. This product is supposed to contour the body through this process.

Prior to meeting she told me i HAD to be regular, as in bowel movements as that is one of the ways that the body detoxes. This meant 1-2 bowel movements a day depending on food consumption up to 3 or 4. I needed to drink 6-8 glasses of water and 2 more for every beverage I had besides water. No substitutions on those 6-8 glasses of water. If I could not meet these requirements I was wasting her time and would not be satisfied with the results. The cost was about 25$ to try one in my home. They tend to range 25-30 before shipping unless you are a loyal customer.

The prep: I was sure to shower before my wrap. Avoiding Dove, and other beauty bars on the area I wanted to wrap. I also did not put on lotion or other moisturizers.

The process: It was very simple. She measured me in three spots: at the Naval, 3 inches above, and 3 inches below. She marked me in the places so I knew exactly where to measure because measurements can vary just an inch in each direction. She took my before picture below farthest left. She then sprayed me with witch hazel. Right after, cut the pouch and removed the
applicator, unfolded it and put it on me lotion side smoothing it down against my skin. Then she wrapped me snugly but not too tight in saran wrap. Finally we sat and chatted for about an hour. While we conversed I drank 2 large glasses of water.
It was non pressure just friendly, a nice chat with the girlfriend. The wrap was tingly, it got cold and then warm. Felt almost like a massage. After emptying my bladder we remeasured and took a picture. I had only lost a little over an inch but was AMAZED at how much my skin had lifted 2nd pic.

Over the three
days I drank the water and changed nothing else (although I would have avoided soda if I drank it to begin with.) I saw some improvement but not great and I decided to wrap gain. This time on my own and stared at my body in shock not only had I lost 8 inches but my belly had been tightened, toned, and firmed up. My body transform. I took a pic on the 1st day of the 2nd wrap and again at 24 and 72 hours.

Pros: easy, mess free, and works fast. As a loyal customer it is fairly inexpensive as well. When compared to a tummy tuck, laser treatments, and like treatments. Works well with an exercise program or stand alone. They have other great products that work in a synergy together and help if you personally are having a problem getting your body to detox.

Cons: Must be able to detox. This is a crucial component to health. If you have a highly toxic lifestyle you would be better off trying the greens or another like product and then wrapping.

This product is the closest thing to magic I have seen. It really worked for me. I am not a saint when it comes to my diet but I moved from a almost 20 to a almost 14 in three weeks. My pics are below. i loved this product so much I chose to carry it in my line on YummyU. The key I think is the bodies ability to use the ingredients to detox the fat cells shrinking them and releasing fat as well as toning and tightening the skin.

Far left is my before
Second is 1 hour after taking off the wrap
Third is first day of my second wrap 1 week after the first one.

Far left is at 24 hours into the 2nd wrap and second one is 48 and last is my before until now.

You can choose to try it for yourself and as long as your body does not have a heavy toxicity there is no reason you shouldn't see results like I did. Results of course will vary and mine aren't nearly the best i have seen.

A side note: If you are irregular or high toxicity. I strongly recommend the Greens or Ganoderma Tea both available on my website at

*FDA have not evaluated these claims and this is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose a disease.

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