Wednesday, January 4, 2012

is Square Squared away?

This is an extension of our Kids and Biz blog. over time i will try the gadgets and apps that you want to try but do not want to have to fork over the bucks to see ifnthey really work.

Square card reader is a wonderful product so far that its been great. Compare to the other options that we have as small business owners I think this is an answer to our pro
verbial prayers. First its free! Unless you're like me an very impatient and dont want to wait for them to ship it to you. You can go to Best Buy and purchase for 10.00 a little starter kit and it comes with a card that will credit 10.00 to your account. You will get a little inch square that you will use to take payments. It fits in the ear piece section of your phone and once you do a simple sign up you can almost
instantly take credit cards. Automatically the money is sent to your bank account and within a couple d
ays you have your money.

Best part: NO MERCHANT ACCOUNT NEEDED! This way you are only paying for the time you are ACTUALLY making money.

Pros: Easy to transport. Works with Android and Iphone. No merchant account.
FREE and the transaction is only 2.75% no limit unless its not swiped.

NO monthly fee this is a big one because Merchant accounts charge 19.95+ per month whether you have a single sale or not.

Cons: I have had a hard time finding cons for this. Other than it seems to work best with Apple products (I love them!) if you want the register and printer. If you are fine on a tablet or phone Android works.
If you do large volume online or over the phone this may cause problems with the payout as they hold anything over 1000.00 for 30 days.

Conclusion: Overall this is the BEST thing I have seen for merchants to have a hassle free way to accept credit cards. Its safe, effective, easy and without extra cost. Personally, I love the square and can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Check back with us next time I will be reviewing a new app I found for Iphones only.

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